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    Insurance & Billing

    Healthcare bills can be confusing. You will likely have questions about what your insurance will cover and what will be your responsibility. The following are some of our patients most frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions, please call our business office at (949) 365-8836.

    Will the doctor’s office and Endoscopy center accept my insurance plan?

    We accept most health insurance plans. We also provide care for patients belonging to local medical groups and independent physician associations (IPAs), including MemorialCare Medical Group, Prospect Medical Group, Regal Medical Group/ADOC, and St. Joseph Health/Mission Hospital Affiliated Physicians (MHAP).

    What will I be expected to pay?

    Patients are responsible for payment of their physician’s fee and facility fees of the Endoscopy Center if they are having any procedures done. Prior to the day of your procedure, we will give you an estimate of any charges that will be your responsibility. If you have insurance, we require that you pay your co-payment prior to your procedure. We accept cash, personal checks, VISA or MasterCard. We will bill your insurance company on your behalf. Your final charges will be determined by your insurance company and based on the service you actually receive.

    Are payment arrangements available?

    We can make arrangements in certain special circumstances of need. Call to speak to the business office to request payment options. We will work with you.

    What will my insurance cover?

    Every insurance plan is different, so please contact your insurance carrier directly or ask your employer for more information. We will also call your insurance carrier to verify your eligibility and to get authorization for your procedure.

    What if I don’t have insurance?

    We offer a cash discount for our patients with no insurance if it is paid on the day of service.

    Will my doctor’s fees be part of the Endoscopy center bill?

    No, physician fee is separate fee. You will be billed separately from the Endoscopy Center for facility fee.

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