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    Patient Testimonials

    2011 – onwards :: 2006-2010 :: 2000-2005

    2011 – onwards

    "Everyone on your staff, the facility itself – 110% perfection. I feel so grateful to have been recommended to you from my doctor. I will pass it on to everyone I know!"

    - Linda P.

    "I have had colonoscopy before, & there is no comparison with Dr. Chaurasia in thoroughness and very interested in my well being. The staff was great as well."

    - Rita R.


    "This is by far the best outpatient GI lab in Orange County, probably in California."

    - Chris C.

    "It was so great to have your own facility and I didn’t have to deal with the hospital or its pay parking.  Very friendly staff who explained everything.  Thanks."

    - Katherine F.

    "Punctual and courteous. Organized and efficient, as if scripted.  You can use me as a reference."

    - Fred J.

    "All employees were very helpful during procedure. Comfort level was high due to this. Would definitely recommend this to anyone needing similar care."

    - Don N.

    "Dr. Chaurasia - You have a wonderful staff – everyone was professional. I will recommend you and your facility to everyone! Thank you for making it pain-free! Thanks to Debra, Joselyn, Rachel, Treva, Liz and Johanna (& Dr. Chaurasia of course!)

    - Barbara B.

    "Thanks so much!  Facilities and staff were excellent.  Dr. Chaurasia was great at explaining everything at consult.  All nurses (Ann, Kenna and Joselyn) were caring and efficient. I really appreciated the day after call from Palmera."

    - Dawn A.

    "I can’t imagine that the entire staff could have done anything more, or better to make the patient more comfortable or confident!  Thank you for the care and courtesies."

    - Elliott G.

    "Everyone is so helpful and cheerful – very appreciated when facing the stress of an illness or tests.  Also, the front office staff particularly Rachel was wonderful to me."

    - Nancy M.

    "Everyone made me feel very comfortable and easy.  I really felt good about the whole experience."

    - Colleen R.

    "Thank you so much for your concerned and considerate health care facility.  Very much appreciated."

    - Raymond F.

    "Very friendly and professional.  Enjoyed the conversation with nurses. Quick and on-time."

    - Jeanne A.

    "Great staff and Dr.!   Thanks for great care!"

    - Rod P.

    "The two nurses in the procedure and recovery room were excellent both prior and after surgery.  Both were very helpful and kind."

    - Gloria B.

    "Everyone made this a pleasant experience. Thank you."

    - Ann P.

    "All around great experience.  Thanks to all for making it easy!"

    - Julie G.

    "Excellent service from "front to back" – haha.  You all run a very professional business.  Great people and wonderful services."

    - Glen J.

    "The back office gals were so very kind. I was comfortable from beginning to end.  The entire staff were professional yet very comforting.  Thank you!  See you again in 5 years!"

    - Lisa S.

    "Great as always."

    - Ronald M.

    "Debra, Liz and Anne were all great.  Obviously Dr. Chaurasia is appreciated because I’m a returning patient."

    - Paul P.

    "Everyone was extremely professional.  Dignity and kindness was outstanding!  Thank you."

    - Nancy A.

    "Made a "not so pleasant" procedure pleasant!"

    - Karen W.

    "Great experience.  Will recommend to everyone! Thanks!"

    - Eileen R.

    "The friendly and professional staff made the whole procedure easier.  Thanks to all."

    - Ginger K.

    "Thank you for making a dreaded procedure almost pleasant!!"

    - Barbara B.

    "Thank you for making the best of an uncomfortable procedure".

    - Debra B.

    "Very caring and friendly.  Made me feel very comfortable."

    - Carol R.

    "Everyone was great and it was an excellent experience.  Would recommend to friends and family."

    - Randall H.

    "Professional, good communication, individually attentive."

    - John D.

    "Thank you ladies you were "great" and Dr. also!"

    - Shirley H.

    "I really was treated very well.  This was my 3rd time being treated by your center – all 3 treatments were excellent"

    - Gordon M.

    "A great experience – if colonoscopies can be considered great!"

    - Susan S.

    "Everyone was informative, friendly and made you feel comfortable. A group of great people."

    - Virginia H.

    "Very nice facility and all personnel were efficient, professional and courteous. Thank you."

    - Sheryl P.

    "The nurses were awesome! Made me feel very comfortable and very friendly staff."

    - Cortney C.


    "This is my first colonoscopy procedure, and not knowing what to expect, was a little tentative.  The staff was exceptional from admission to discharge.  All pre and post procedures were fully explained to facilitate my comfort.  The nurses in the staging area were informative, personable, and well suited for their position.  I was greeted by staff, and the physician, in the procedure room and felt comfortable with final preparations.  I don’t remember much after this period.  I realized you perform many procedures during the course of your schedule but thank you for treating this patient as important as the next.  I’ll see you in 5 years.  I will recommend your practice to others."

    -Tim M.

    "Everyone including you, Dr. Om, were kind and attentive. You have a great office and Endoscopy center. I always refer my friends and pts (patients) from my office to you!"

    -Dianne K.

    "Everyone was wonderful, couldn’t have been nicer"

    - Becky C.

    "Thank you so much. Thanks to everyone I am now able to enjoy eating good again. In my book you are all awesome."

    -Sotirios K.

    "very positive experience after being so nervous and apprehensive about my 1st colonscopy. Your staff was very nice & reassuring."

    -Sandra S.

    "always first class"

    -Louise G.

    "It’s wonderful to have  the knowledge, expertise of the personnel.  Especially Dr. Chuarasia and new technology. I’m very happy and safe."

    - Estanislao H.

    " Everybody were very caring and sensitive to my fear of the procedure. Both nurses and the doctor clearly explained procedure and made me feel comfortable."

    -Paul O.

    " Great treatment and wonderful staff! The procedure was a lot more easy than anticipated"

    -Jim F.

    " I wish all aspects of my 82 years of dealing had been with such a high caliber group of people such as you all are. Dr. Chaurasia included naturally. You are all high quality people"

    - Josh P.

    " very please with attention to my concerns & feelings"

    - Gerald.

    "I was very nervous and everyone put me at ease and answered my question"

    - Lynette L.

    "fabulous, now if he’d offer pedicures."

    - Jeannine.

    "as very impressed by the entire staff by their friendliness and personalized privacy during my entire procedure."

    - Jerry.

    "very well run and professional practice.  Made the procedure very comfortable."

    - Gary O.

    "I was nervous and the nurses were sensitive to that. They were kind and compassionate which I appreciated. I was also relieved that I was given enough sedative to make the procedure pain free. Thanks!"

    - Kathleen A.

    " all staff members were extremely kind and courteous and professional. They lessened my anxiety and made me feel comfortable."

    - Darlene L.

    "the nurses were very helpful and attentive. They really wanted me to be comfortable. They obviously enjoy their job and it shows!! It all went smoothly."

    - Tricia C.

    "Dr. Chaurasia and staff are very professional while personable. They make an uncomfortable procedure very comfortable."

    - Vanessa D.

    "great from start to finish."

    - Vaughn G.

    "excellent care and friendly, personable staff. I would highly recommend facility to friends and family."

    - Rhonda D.

    "it was so much easier than I had imagined."

    - Allen C.

    "I was very nervous about this procedure, but the staff put me at ease and were wonderful. You have a beautiful, clean and professional facility."

    - Ann S.

    "was the most peaceful 40 minutes I had in 2009".

    - Jim B.

    "very upbeat, professionals who treat their patients really well. "

    - Anonymous.

    "I have has 4 procedures. Your office has been equal and better than previous experiences. Thank you.

    - Louis S.

    "Second time around. Went better than the first time. Did not feel a thing during or after procedure!"

    - E.M.

    "I have had ulcerative colitis for 8 years and this was my fourth colonoscopy. I have had 2 flare-ups since my original diagnosis. This was the best colonoscopy experience I have ever had- and I decided that before I knew the results (normal!)"

    - Michelle S.

    "I just wanted to say thank you to you and your wonderful staff.  The office administrator and medical staff were very friendly and put me at ease from the time I arrived until it was time for me to go.  I can’t say enough about each of the staff I encountered.  Everyone was very nice and answered all my questions.  Thanks again."

    - Kurt B.

    "I don’t know if a colonoscopy could be termed "delightful," but it was very close."

    - Melissa H.

    "I’ve never had this procedure done before and expected the worst- the staff made me very comfortable and it was very comforting and not a bad experience at all. Thank you."

    - Brenda B.

    "your center far exceeded ,y expectations. The entire staff was outstanding. The procedure itself was remarkably easy and painless for me.  When I awoke in recovery, it seemed as if I hadn’t had the procedure yet. Amazing! Thank you!

    - Dale B.

    "it took almost 2 years for me to finally make an appointment to have a routine Colonoscopy, I was that embarrassed! How ridiculous! Your staff is extremely  professional, informative, and pleasant.  The procedure was quick and painless- In fact I never knew what hit me! Lights out from beginning to end!  The worst part was the preparation…drinking the moviprep! A margarita will never again taste so good! Thank you so much! Very best regards.

    - Paige B.

    " Excellent compassionate, and friendly staff.  They always ease my anxieties.  I appreciate their humor.  Dr.C . is caring and concerned. A+ to all!  I actually "enjoy" my procedures at this facility."

    - Cheryl B.

    "thanks to all for making this a simple and painless experience.  I was in my seats at Angels stadium that night!"

    - James N.

    "you took the time to tell me step by step what you were going to do which was huge considering this was a procedure that made me very nervous.  The staff and doctors were so professional and caring.  Even drugged up and leaving, I had to compliment the nurse who wheeled me out and I asked her to tell everyone else how great they were too.  I even told my wife that we needed to write a letter to your clinic to make sure that you all knew how impressive your whole operation is and then we found this survey.  I cannot thank you all enough for making a nerve-wrecking, uncomfortable procedure an unbelievably " pleasant" experience.  Thank you to everyone!"

    - Dean B.

    " The nursing staff could not have been nicer and made a real effort to make sure that I was comfortable.  They were the best! Thank you."

    - Cecily T.

    " The availability of all concerned was great.  Its hard enough to go through pain in sickness but it is very comforting to be received with kind ways and careful dispositions. Thank you."

    - Jo S.

    "I  want to thank the entire medical staff for exceeding my expectations for comfort and care.  And most importantly Thank you Dr. Chaurasia."

    - Laura C.

    "I've never had better care by a facility and staff."

    Thank so much."

    - Jack C.

    " All the nurses made me feel secure and attended me with sincere care.  I felt these nurses were truly caring about my comfort, especially that warm blanket.  (P.S.) my husband is next! Lets make an appointment for him!! I am truly grateful!"

    - Sylvia G.

    " The nursing staff could not have been nicer and made a real effort to make sure that I was comfortable.  They were the best! Thank you. "

    - Cecily T.

    "Due to the nature of the procedure, It is natural to be apprehensive.  From my prep mtg/ visit to the day of the procedure, everything was FLAWLESS.  Great people, great process and Yes- a great experience.  Everyone was highly professional and competent.  Most important-everyone was genuinely nice.  Thank you for making this a good non-event.  See you in 5 years!"

    - Ted B.

    "Thank you for your warm but professional care.  I was somewhat apprehensive about the colonoscopy due to a bad experience earlier in my life.  I would now encourage my friends and family to follow through with their colonoscopy.  Thanks to the doctor’s procedure style and the great quality of nurses.  Thank you again."

    - Sunny T.

    "I suffer from a anxiety disorder and was nervous and sick to my stomach but the pleasant friendly nurses and Dr. Chaurasia put me at ease. "

    - Sara Y.

    "This was a very professional, caring facility and staff.  Everybody was helpful and information was very thorough.  I knew exactly what to expect.  I felt the staff cared about me personally."

    - Cheryl S.

    "The staff was great- this was one of my best experience with any Dr. office and staff."

    - Ron S.

    "The nurses were extremely cheerful! They made the experience better than I thought it would be!"

    - William C.

    "I’m overly impressed not only in Dr. C but the professionalism and comfort I felt from the wonderful nursing staff- thank you all."

    - Colleen R.

    "The nursing personnel are excellent ;friendly ,efficient and professional.  As a former healthcare CEO, I am very impressed with all concerned and the facility."

    - Fred M.

    "I'm telling you all say "yes" because it was very good service and patient. I'm aware because I'm deaf. I hope to continue like this see you in 10 years. Thank you smile."

    - Olga V.

    "Fantastic and clean center.  Actually the best that I have ever been in.  I’m already referred two people over."

    - Kyle B.

    "I couldn’t have asked for a more friendly or professional environment."

    - Todd V.

    "Every staff member was kind and caring.  Every office should be run as well as this one."

    - Christine D.

    "Very professional I was very impressed- since I am a professional oral surgeon, etc I personally give your staff and Dr. Chaurasia an A+. Thank you."

    - Dr. Peter K.

    "Everyone was extremely friendly and professional. The procedure went so incredibly smoothly, I had absolutely no pain or discomfort. Thank you!"

    - Kelly V.

    "Dr. Chaurasia is the best Gastro Physician that I have ever known.  He is a true well informed scientist in his field and he is an excellent communicator.  His staff is warm and efficient.  Thank you Dr. Chaurasia for helping me and for taking the time to understand and explore my challenging state of health.  Pacific Gastro and our community are fortunate to have this brilliant doctor in our midst."

    - Veila S.

    "The experience for this procedure is the best I have ever seen. The president of the United States could not have a group better than you people."

    - Anthony B.

    "Dr. Chaurasia, thank you for being such a caring professional M.D. you make a difference! I tell all my patients about your gentile way.  Your staff and nurses are the best. Thanks again!"

    - Betty S.

    "I think the whole procedure from pre-procedure to after was well-organized.  The staff and doctor were pleasant and helpful.  Thanks for making it an easy procedure."

    - Barbara C.

    "The staff and the doctors are the best.  I’ll tell the world!"

    - Herbert S.

    "I have had three other colonoscopies in the past 25 years and my experience with Pacific Gastroenterology was by far the best.  Everyone was great."

    - Bernice H.

    "Everyone kept telling me a colonoscopy was a piece of cake, now I can agree."

    - Cindy S.


    "your staff I would rate double excellent along with the procedure of the colonoscopy, million thanks.  To all of you, keep up all the good work and friendly smiles.  God bless all of you."

    - Richard V.

    "It was refreshing to be with such a well trained and courteous staff."

    - Dom B.

    "A very pleasant experience thanks to an extremely professional and courteous team of doctor and nurses.  A very clean and well organized facility."

    -Robert F.

    "I have great confidence in Dr. Chaurasia this is the 2nd colonoscopy in three years, I would not consider another Dr. for the procedure."

    - William M.

    "Excellent experience!!! No pain or discomfort!! Everyone very pleasant and helpful.  I will strongly recommend this endoscopy."

    - Spencer S.

    "Everything was wonderful (as could be). I was very impressed with the facility and care. The locker in the bathroom was very nice. The place was very clean. Im glad you're my doctor!  p.s. I was so happy to wake up without feeling ill!!"

    - Mona G.

    "Best treatment you can ask for. One to ten = 10"

    - Bernard K.

    "Especially liked the upbeat, happy, reassuring attitude of nurses and all who cared for me."

    - Barbara S.

    "really excellent quality of service by every member of staff."

    - John F.

    "I couldn’t ask for better service.  The staff was informed friendly and effective. Your facility was certainly above average."

    - R.L.

    "Appreciated that everyone was very sensitive about their patient’s anxieties regarding the procedure.  Compared to the treatment I received after being sent to Mission hospital, it was heaven."

    - Anonymous

    "I believe everything was done perfectly. It was 200% better than my 1st colonoscopy."

    - Jesus G.

    "Doctor and staff alike were very professional. Took time to explain the results and made us comfortable.  Very pleasant and positive experience at the clinic with the doctor and staff.  I would definitely come back in the future and also refer my family and family. Thanks for the excellent service.

    - Hariharan S.

    "Much better process than at the hospital."

    - Robert P.

    "I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with my experience at your facility.  Everyone on your staff that I came in contact with was very courteous and helpful.  Your facilities were pristine, cleaner than some hospitals that I have seen.  And I must tell you that the procedure that I had been dreading for sometime went smoother than I could have ever imagined.  I am truly grateful to you and your staff, and I will see you again in five years!"

    - Robert B.

    "I have had about 9 medical procedures like this in the last 18 years- this was tops in all respects."

    - Burns N.

    "I am the most difficult patient when it come to ANY needles or modesty. Your staff was amazing with my comfort and feelings in mind at all times. Wish every doctor/ nurse was as patient & kind."

    - J.R.

    "Superior service and treatment."

    - Pat M.

    "Everything was perfect. The procedure was outstanding."

    - Carl B.

    "I was very impressed with how everything proceeded like clockwork just as soon as I made contact with the receptionist.  There was no waiting and no delays and before I knew it I was on my way back home."

    - Arthur T.

    "Dr. Chaurasia- job well done, all our hard work has paid off. You have an endoscopy center you can be very proud of! Congratulations!"

    - Sue N.

    "The staff and nurses where kind, treated me like I was special and made sure that I was comfortable!"

    - Cluadia K.

    "Excellent staff, very professional and very friendly. I had a very good experience. I appreciated the cleanliness of the facility."

    - Steve L.

    " I was pleasantly surprised how painless and easy the whole process went.  The prep was the hardest."

    - Barbara S.

    "Everyone was so nice. They made me feel very comfortable."

    - Marice M.

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